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PIONEER CMX-3000 Slot-in Frontloader Twin-CD, Digital Output, Triple Anti-Shock, Waveform Display

Flawless, smooth auto-mixing at the push of a button.
The CMX-3000 twin CD player guarantees an accessible way for professional and home DJs alike to express their creativity through an astonishing set of features.

The Auto Mix Play function automatically mixes two tracks together – at the press of a button – while correcting tempos accordingly. This gives you more freedom to concentrate on other elements of the set. Or to party along with your friends while the deck does all the work for you.

You can choose from four mix patterns (Cross-Fade, Cut, Echo en Zip) for seamless transitions. With the Adjustable Mix Time feature you can alter the time frame.

The versatility of the CMX-3000 always guarantees the highest standards.

Main Features
Plays • CD (including CD-R / -RW)

Killer Features
• Jog dial
• Auto mix play function
• On-board memory
• Digital outputs

Performance Control
Hot Cue (sampler) Yes

Hot Loop Yes

Quick Start Yes

Auto Beat Loop / Emergency Yes

Auto Mix Play Auto BMP sync

Real Time Seamless Loop Yes

Loop Adjust Out Adjust

Reloop Yes

Cue / Loop Memory Yes

Shock-Proof Yes

CD Control
Jog Dial size 110,0 mm

Jog Dial type Jogdial with transparent (not rotating) centre

Jog Modes CDJ mode + Scratch

Pitch Bend Yes

Scratch Play / Cue Yes

Fader Start / Back Cue start Yes

Relay Play Yes

Master Tempo Yes

Tempo Control Ranges (CD) +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16%, +/-100% WIDE

BPM Counter Yes

Front loading Slot-In CD Yes

Cue Functions
Auto Cue Yes

Manual Cue Yes

Real Time Cue Yes

Cue point sampler Yes

Display Yes

Wave Display Yes

Playing Address Yes

Media Loading Type Slot

Legato Link Conversion Yes

Anti Vibration Yes

Analogue Output 2x

Digital Output Yes

Disc Format CD, CD-R & CD-RW

Frequency Response 4 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio 115 dB

Distortion 0,006 %

Power Consumption 49 W

Power Requirements 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (W x H xD) 482 x 132 x 82 mm

Net Weight 5.6 kg

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