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PIONEER MEP-7000 Multi Media Player, Slot-in Frontloader, MIDI Controller, Digital Output

Ideal for the mobile DJ and bar market.
The MEP-7000 offers a flexible high quality solution specifically with digital music in mind, being compact and easy to transport, yet inheriting the basic functions and features of our popular CDJ series CD Decks.

The MEP-7000 enables you to play MP3/AAC files stored on various memory formats, along with playback of music from your CD collection.

The system can also be setup to playback and mix music automatically using playlists, useful when no DJ is present.

The MEP-7000 and SEP-C1 Software Entertainment Controller are a response to the trend of laptops being utilised by professional DJs.

Recent developments have changed the way mobile and club DJs organise and play their music. No longer carrying boxes of vinyl or CD’s full of music, laptops, USB flash media and hard drives are becoming standard amongst the DJ community.

Key new features to this product type are the 4.3-inch colour LCD screen that gives clear accurate information, allowing intuitive and easy menu navigation.

The MEP-7000 transforms into a Karaoke playback device when a CD-G disc is inserted, displaying the playback video on the LCD screen, but can also be fed to external monitors using the composite video output terminal.

The MEP-7000 also works as a software controller when used in conjunction with compatible software such as our bundled “DJS”. This allows you to manage and control playback of audio files stored on your computer, to give full-scale DJ performance without the need for a mouse or keyboard. (The controller is also available separately as the SEP-C1).

Main Features
Plays • CD (including CD-R / -RW)
• Digital media playback via USB
• MP3, AAC files on CD & DVD

Killer Features • 19-inch rack-mounted digital media player
• 4.3 inch full colour LCD
• USB MIDI / HID control
• Sratch-friendly jog wheel
• Auto mix from playlists
• Works as a software controller with SEP-C1

Demo Video Watch

Performance Control
Hot Loop Yes

Quick Start Yes

Auto Mix Play Yes

Real Time Seamless Loop Yes

Loop Adjust Out Adjust

Reloop Yes

Digital Jog Break Jet, Roll, Wah

USB Memory Stick Enabled Yes

Memory Internal

Cue / Loop Memory Yes

Shock-Proof Yes

CD Control
Jog Dial size 80,0 mm

Jog Dial type Touch Sensitive

Jog Modes Scratch, Job Break

Pitch Bend Yes

Scratch Play / Cue Yes

Fader Start / Back Cue start Yes

Relay Play Yes

Master Tempo Yes

Tempo Control Ranges (CD) +/- 6%, +/- 10%, +/- 16%

BPM Counter Yes

Front loading Slot-In CD Yes

Cue Functions
Auto Cue Yes

Manual Cue Yes

Real Time Cue Yes

Cue point sampler Yes

Display Yes, 4.3 inch colour LCD screen

Jog Display Yes

Playing Address Yes

Media Loading Type Slot

Legato Link Conversion Yes

Anti Vibration Yes

Analogue Output 2 Stereo RCA

Digital Output Yes

Type of Discs 12cm CDs

Disc Format CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R/RW, MP3

MP3 MPEG-1 32Kbps - 320 Kbps / MPEG-2 16 Kbps - 160 Kbps

MP3 Folder Search Yes

Included Accessories
• 2x Stereo Phono Cables
• 2x Control Cords
• Forced Eject Pin
• DJS Software
• USB Cables
• Power cord
• Manual

Master Video Output
PAL / NTSC Convertor Yes

Preview Video Output
Composite Out 1V p-p 75?

Frequency Response 4 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio 115 dB or more (JEITA)

Distortion 0,006 % (JEITA)

Audio Output Level 2.0 V rms (1kHz, 0 dB)

Power Consumption 33 W

Power Requirements 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (W x H xD) Controller: 483 x 133 x 84 mm
Drive Unit: 483 x 91 x 325 mm

Net Weight 6,1 kg

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