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PIONEER HDJ-2000 High End Professional Closed Dynamic Headphones, 3 meters curled Cord (107dB)

The HDJ-2000s ensure superb clarity with clear separation and maximum comfort, whichever environment you find yourself in - whether it’s performing in a packed club or engineering in a studio.

In fact, the HDJ-2000s’ 50 mm driver units and high-flux magnets create outstanding resolution, from bass to treble, and are ideal for studio applications.

The HDJ-2000 have the capacity for 3,500 mW of input, which means distortion is prevented, even at sustained loud volumes. The heavy-duty build of these headphones ensures zero resonance.

Sporting a rugged but lightweight magnesium swivel/fold mechanism the headphones are robust, comfortable and compact to transport. Each ear-cup gives excellent insulation and swivels a full 90 degrees using a new i-hinge with auto-return, which presents great flexibility, especially for DJs who prefer the ‘on-shoulder’ method of monitoring.

To improve monitoring, there is also a convenient stereo/mono switch.

Finally, heat-sensitive, low-rebound urethane-foam (memory-foam) padding with a comfortable protein leather surface cushions the ears and head for a no-fatigue fit: your long sessions in the club or studio are made all the more comfortable.

When not in use the HDJ-2000s fold into themselves, and have a removable mini XLR connector, making them compact and easy to transport.

The HDJ-2000s are not only the perfect partner for our DJM mixers but even feature a stylish aluminium outer finish to match the play/cue buttons on our CDJ players.

• Lightweight magnesium design
• Protein leather surface with memory foam padding
• Removable Mini XLR connector
• 'i-hinge' design with 90° auto return
• Type: Fully enclosed dynamic headphones
• Frequency response: 5 Hz to 30,000 Hz
• Impedance: 36 ?
• Sensitivity: 107 dB
• Maximum power input: 3,500 mW
• Driver units: 50 mm dome type
• Cord: 1.2-m-long one-side connection coiled type (extended length 3 m)
• Plug: 3.5 mm 3P mini-plug (gold-plated, threaded type)
• Weight: 290 g (without cord)
• Accessories: Carrying pouch, 6.3 mm 3P plug adaptor (gold-plated, threaded type)

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11/12/2010 14:43:37 Emre GÖÇMEN

HDJ-2000 bu ürünü geçen ay aldım ve çok memnunum. Profesyoneller için mükemmel bir kulaklık. Eğer sizde benim gibi djlik yapıyor iseniz kesinlikle tavsiye ederim.

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